2022 Handmade Jewelry Trends

2022 Handmade Jewelry Trends

Are your staple jewelry pieces starting to get stale? Maybe it's time to freshen up your collection with new trending pieces for 2022. As the seasons change, so do trends. With the help of the runway, street fashion, and popular style influencers, there are several new jewelry trends to keep an eye out for.

Spanning from statement to subtle, there's a great opportunity to add these new styles and new designs to your own unique collection. This year, we are especially excited about the jewelry trends coming our way. 2022 is all about elevating the classics and breathing new life into timeless pieces with a little edge, and extra flair. Make these pieces and styles your own and add new elements of trending fashion to your handmade jewelry collection so that all those who wear it turn heads every season!

If you’re wondering what types of jewelry to add to your handmade jewelry collection this year, check out these 2022 trends so that you can stay up to date.

Charm Jewelry

We're living a charmed life this year. The first trend on our list is one of our favorites due to the combination of simplicity and creativity to truly create a unique style for your handmade collection. The return of the quirky charm jewels takes inspiration from the popular '80s and '90s trends. It's about mixing your necklaces and bracelets in fun styles, colors, textures, and adding charms. Playful, novelty shapes and symbols have evoked a sense of nostalgia with this trend. From quirky to classic, upgrade your chains with charms for a major jewelry moment. The more, the better. The beauty of modern-day charms is that they are really versatile and there's no right or wrong way to wear them. Have fun and mix it up in terms of both size and design, but don’t feel the need to steer too far away from the classics. Think about a gold or silver chain to make a statement with a vibrant spectrum of charms for a stylish statement.

Layered Necklaces

2022 is all about layering! The days of wearing only one piece at a time are behind us. There's a chic, effortless look that comes along with wearing several delicate necklaces at once. The mixing of metals and styles is much more common, and in a way encouraged this year. As far as necklaces are concerned, you need the perfect combination of chains and pendants to achieve the perfect look. Try stringing two or three thin gold chains together at different lengths, each with subtle contrasts in texture or design. Petite pendants with a shorter chain, paired with longer necklaces offer endless options for layering. Thin delicate combinations of thin necklaces all worn together encompass the beauty of this trend. By layering your pieces, you have the creative freedom to mix and match chains to create different looks daily. Elevate your look by adding different colored metals or gemstones for a slightly bolder custom stack. This trend will be especially popular in the spring and summer with delicately cut dresses and tops.


These are not your grandma's brooches. This vintage classic is having a spunky resurgence in 2022. While some think this is the heightened trend of the season, others are drawn to timeless pieces that lend a hint of elegance to any look it is worn with. We’re absolutely loving this trend because it’s created the perfect style choice for every season. With a variety of materials, sizes, and shapes to choose from, a brooch is an easy way to add personality to any look. From edgy to classic, you can pin on a brooch to liven up any garment. Brooches add a luxurious touch, or flash of sparkle to any coat, sweater, or scarf. We're anticipating some fun and stylish twists on this stunning classic, especially in the fall and winter seasons.

Body Chains

Body jewelry has been moving subtly in and out of fashion for years, and given its continually growing and long-lasting popularity, it's no wonder body chains have managed a spot on 2022’s hot picks. From festivals to beachwear, body chains are going to be the pieces that are crafted to be very minimalistic, yet make a statement on their own this summer season. Lending a hint of edge and tying an outfit together, this is the year to take the leap and mix it into your collection. Body chains are a tastefully sexy, or elegantly bold way to add extra dimension to your spring and summer style without being too flashy. Body chains can be worn underneath clothing or over the clothing for a dynamic look, day or night.

Long Earrings

Whether you dress up or dress down, hair up or loose, you're going to want to show off some beautiful statement earrings. Long statement earrings are making a splash this year and taking the idea of dainty earrings to a whole new level. Spotted on the runways and in the latest streetwear fashion looks, this bold jewelry trend can stand on its own, with little other jewelry necessary. From thin delicate strands or bold structured hanging shapes, anything is fair game as long as the earrings are long and they reach down to the neck. Long earrings can also be paired with studs or ear cuffs to create a cool, trendy look. No outfit is complete this year without a pair of dangling earrings.

Don't be afraid to take these trends and truly customize them for your unique style and business. We're so excited to see your personalized take on these trending staples in the jewelry world. But what if you don't have any layered necklaces or embellished brooches in your collection? That doesn't mean you have to cast aside these fashion trends! Find all the supplies or restock your materials for your business by exploring our site now so that you can shine in 2022.